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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Angry Chickens and an Angry Mama

Today I was about to lose my cool with the child (which I will not name) that is in charge of taking care of the chickens. It has been one too many times that we have gone to check on the girls and either there is no food, or the eggs are not being collected, the water is completely gone, or the muck bucket is over flowing under my sink. When I approach "this child" who has been doing this job since he (oops now that you know it is a "he", you can narrow it down to 2 of my kids) As I was saying, he has been doing this job for YEARS. And he somehow can "forget" that he needs to give them water?!?!?

So, instead of yelling, pleading, screaming, or pulling my hair out. I made a reminder card for him.
This way, he CAN'T forget, because it's right there on the laminated card! Brilliant, huh?!?! Well, we will see tomorrow when we use it. Also instead of checking off on his job chart that it is done with no accountability, he will have to report to me so I can give him his "chicken token". Each chicken token will be worth a certain amount of money and can be redeemed at some point, neither of which I have decided on yet. But, here are the chicken tokens as well. Feel free to copy and print your own, maybe we can all have happy chickens!



Rachy said...

Great chart! Hope it works :)

Jeanetta Darley said...

I've been on this merry go round with all my kids as well.

daisy said...

Aren't you one clever chick! ;0)

marisa said...

Jeanetta, do you have any great tips?!?!

Anonymous said...

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Charlotte Crawley said...

I think the chart is adorable and will be much more effective that yelling--but sometimes yelling just feels good.