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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Essential Oils Class- Denver

Some of you may know that I have been teaching classes on essential oils. They have changed my and my family's life. I love them! We no longer rely on over the counter medications.

I will be in the Denver area the end of March.  I have availability to teach a free live essential oils class Friday March 30th  around 11:00 am.  If you are interested in hosting a class for your friends, family, or neighbors please contact me at backyardfarmingblog@gmail.com

If you are interested in attending a class in Greely, CO March 30th at 5:30, contact me at backyardfarmingblog@gmail.com

If you are interested in listening to a free live webinar, there is one tonight taught by a friend of mine. She is super fun, and very entertaining! You can register here, tell them Marisa sent ya.
7:00 PM Mountain Time



LindaG said...

Is there some sort of book or magazine on the benefits and use of essential oils?

Hopefully I'll remember to come back and see if you have answered this.
I don't like these blogger changes.

{Liana} said...

What do you recommend as a useful guide for using essential oils for health?

Dani said...

Marisa - Do so wish you'd give a written tutorial on making essential oil. our 7pm is the middle of the night here, so I am unable to sign up for the webinar. But would LOVE to know how to make it. :)

Clint Baker said...

I will share this with my wife, thanks!

Essential Oils said...

Nice information!! Really you have shared nice information about Essential Oils. Thanks you for sharing such useful information.


marisa said...

Linda and Liana,

My favorite resource is Modern Essentials. I use this book to know what oils to use for different ailments. I like that it has studies to back up the information.

I really like the book"Healing Oils of the Bible".

Then for emotional well being, the book, "Emotional Healing with Essential Oils."

You can also contact me if you would like to attend a webinar!

Hopefully that gives you a place to start.