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Monday, February 20, 2012

New Book Out

I'm a sucker for garden books!  I would love for my entire bookshelf to be full of gardening and backyard farming books.  I haven't had a chance to check out this new one, but here is the info on it. If you have it, or have looked through it, let us know what you think of it.

You Bet Your Garden® Guide to Growing Great Tomatoes - the funny book that teaches readers how to grow heirloom beefsteaks, plums, cherries and other backyard beauties

Mike McGrath, Radio Host of You Bet Your Garden
®, shares his wit and gardening expertise in newly revised and expanded edition

(LANCASTER, PA) For anyone who’s ever tried to grow tomatoes in their backyard, and faced the challenges of drought, hungry nighttime animals, insects and disease, comes a new edition of You Bet Your Garden® Guide to Growing Great Tomatoes (Fox Chapel Publishing, April 1, 2012) from author, and nationally-syndicated radio host of You Bet Your Garden®, Mike McGrath. You Bet Your Garden® Guide to Growing Great Tomatoes provides a comical approach to growing beautiful and delicious tomatoes. McGrath explains, with characteristic wit, how to choose, plant, grow and harvest a variety of tomatoes.

The book includes funny illustrations, color photographs, as well as interesting tomato lore and tips. McGrath includes answers and advice based on his radio show listeners’ questions, which highlights:

• Information on container and patio gardening
• An entire section on soil use and manure
• Heirloom tomatoes and more

Readers will learn how to start tomato plants from seed, how much to water your plants, how to stake and cage plants, how to feed tomatoes, how to prevent disease, and when to pick them at their peak. With every page, readers will find McGrath’s writing light, funny, yet rooted in years of experience and practice. Perfect for anyone who’s ever thought about growing their own tomatoes, or wished their crop looked and tasted better.

About the Author:
Mike McGrath is host of the weekly nationally syndicated radio show “You Bet Your Garden” and is a widely published columnist. He has a base of fans who appreciate both his humor and knowledge as an author of books on tomatoes, compost and kitchen gardening. McGrath was editor-in-chief of Organic Gardening magazine from 1991 through 1997, which at the time was the largest circulation gardening magazine in the world. McGrath’s “You Bet Your Garden” airs weekly on National Public Radio. He has made frequent guest appearances on NBC’s Weekend Today and NPR’s “All Things Considered.” He has also been a gardening commentator on The Today Show. Mike is the garden editor for WTOP News Radio in Washington, DC., a post he has held for more than a decade.
He has served as contributing editor and columnist for Greenprints magazine.



Anonymous said...

I love when you have books on your blog, because it's often the first time I see them. I'm a big tomato grower and plan to grow about 15-20 varieties this spring. This book looks perfect for me!!

LindaG said...

Thanks for pointing out this book. I definitely need help because my tomatoes didn't fare too well my first year growing them.
Happy Monday!

Charlotte said...

Okay, I just ordered it on Amazon. It will not be out until April 1, so I'm on pre-order and I think I got a $4 discount because I preordered it. Anyway thanks for blogging about it. Some years I have good luck with tomatoes, but never with heirlooms. So maybe this book will help. I'll let you know.

Clint Baker said...

That looks like a really good book! I am a sucker to, my wife gets onto me because I have so many books. After I get done with the seed give away that I am having on my blog, I can sneak and buy this book read it and then give it away! ;-)