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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Squashed! Learn from my mistakes

By Jennifer

This ... 

... should still be attached to this

This squash never reached its potential to mature, by autumn, into a blue/gray package holding deep orange flesh -- perfect for delicious pies, soups, ravioli and more. And I'm the culprit.

I trained the squash vine up a wire trellis anchored against a fence. Too late I realized that this squash was forming between the trellis and fence. The space was too narrow and the growing squash too large. It actually started to grow around the wire, forming indentations. 

I figured I'd wiggle the trellis a bit forward (being mindful of the tomatoes also attached) and try to pull the vine up and over, cradling the squash as I lifted it to the other side. Fail! It broke off the stem and landed with a thud.

So here's the lesson: If you use a frame against a fence or wall on which to train your garden vines. guide the blossoms to the open side so fruit can grow freely. 

Either that, or make the most of it.

by Jennifer


Red Hill General Store said...

One of the wonderful things of gardening: Learning from your mistakes. Definitely made a few in my day. LOL.

Mona @ Healthy Homesteading said...

Made many mistakes this year in the garden but with each mistakes comes new knowledge. I write all of my successes and failures in a garden notebook and revisit it every year.


Keep that squash in a cool, dry, shaded place and it just might ripen up for fall. It will at least make a great Jack-o-lantern unless it was cracked open going down the slide. The chickens will love it.

Jennifer said...

Maybelline, sadly it cracked open after its vine emancipation-- the slide ride was actually quite gentle!