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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Your Backyard Farm

Here are some pictures from the backyard farm of:  http://isagoodone.blogspot.com

 Chickens.  We have 6 Partridge Chanteclers.  One has been laying for just over a week.  Hopefully the others join in soon as well.  We originally raised 30, but took 24 to the butcher last month.

Raised beds.  I have 4 of these.  This one has tomatoes, an artichoke plant, and a few onions from last year.  The one to the left is just strawberries.  The other two of peas, beans, cucumbers, zucchini, winter squash, and asparagus.

Bees! (Don't you love my Mister's bee suit?)

Beans and corn, with squash around the edges in an attempt to create a prickly fence to keep out critters.

Thanks for sharing your backyard farm with us!


Anonymous said...

I like the idea of surrounding your beans and corn with squash. I'll have to try that with our expanded garden area next season as my dogs hate the squash!

F.M said...

wow, now that's a nice job. You have a nice set up!

Mandie said...

It looks great. So organized and clean, love it!

kelli said...

great-looking backyard farm! you people are brave with your bees! i guess the reward makes it all worth it.=)

Alice said...

Alexis- there's one side where the squash aren't growing as well, I don't know if they're not getting enough water, or if the corn is shading them too much, but they're pretty small, so that will be the weak spot in our defense. Last year racoons ate a lot of the corn.

The other squash plants are now all touching each other. :)

F.M.- Thanks!

Mandie- if you could see it now, it's not so neat and clean. The weeds are taking over. :) At least around the corn and the squash. Our watering setup makes it so we can use a tiller, but it's too much to hand weed. We may have to rethink the watering setup for next year.

kelli- Thanks. My Mister does all the bee work, although Marisa recently capturing a swarm has me thinking that I need to be prepared to do something like that.

Alice said...

so we CAN'T use a tiller.

I need to proof read better. :)

Mrs. Farmer said...

I spy... a farm dog in the last picture!


Very nice pictures. I can't imagine how nice and quiet it would be with just 6 chickens! LOL

Alice said...

6 chickens are much quieter than 30. Especially since we had about 15 roosters! :)

Telebrands said...

What great photographs. It looks like you have a considerable garden.