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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hello from Cricket Song Farm

Cricket, from Cricket Song Farm sent us this letter, and I wanted to share it with you guys. I love that her kids are now understanding why they chose to live the way they live. Cricket, if you get a website or blog up and running, let us know. I would love to check it out.

Just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your blog and for all the wonderful information you are sharing with us. I am a farmers daughter and have farmed the past 25 years with my husband and 5 kids. I grew up conventionally farming ( fertilizers, pesticides etc.) and knew this was not the way I wanted to contribute to society so my husband and I bought an 70 acre farm. We purchased Nubian dairy goats for manure (yea compost!), milk and cheese, hogs for meat and for lard to render for home-made soap, rare breed Jacob sheep and Angora rabbits for wool to spin and weave, hundreds of chickens for meat and eggs, planted acres and acres of organic gardens and medicinal herbs, canned and dried, tried to be as self sufficient as possible. 25 years ago I was considered "weird" but I like to think that I was just ahead of my time and that main stream society just didn't get it. I say,"I have ALWAYS been GREEN". We live in a little one bedroom,( one other room that is kitchen and living all in one,) 700 square foot house. We felt land was more important than a big house. My kid's favorite memories are the nights they spent talking into the wee hours side by side, wall to wall, on the hard cement floor. Summer was great each child had their own room, a pup tent pitched in the yard! We now have two bedrooms so the boys just have to sleep on the floor. Of course they didn't always enjoy all the hard work, but my oldest daughter now married with a child of her own tells me she finally understands why I wanted that life style.

We currently supply two Farmers Markets in Cedar City and St. George with vegetables and run a CSA. I am not technologically gifted but I am hoping to have a web page and blog up soon to share with my CSA customers. I am listed with local harvest. Hope you will check it out also. I have such a wonderful sustainable farm and feel so blessed to do so. An ancient Chinese proverb says, "I farm the soil that grows my food; KINGS can do no more".

Keep up the beautiful and informative blog, and thank you for listening to a little of my farm story. Happy February time to start the tomato seeds! JILL (cricket)

This is what is says on Local Harvest about their CSA :

Cricket Song Farm is a small organic vegetable, sustainable farm located in Southern Utah. Our goal is to provide individuals with organically grown vegetables; return to the earth more than taken, and respect the value of an honest day's work. We participate in two local Farmers Markets in St. George and Cedar City. Members of our CSA can pick up their share boxes weekly at market May thru October.

We raise a large variety of produce including over 150 heirlooms, herbs, and fresh flowers. Purebred Nubian dairy goats, Jacob and Shetland sheep and heritage breed chickens can also be found at our farm. A CSA member barbecue and pumpkin harvest event along with demonstrations of soap making, spinning, weaving etc. is held in the fall. Visitors are welcome at the farm to walk our herb Labyrinth, and observe how their food is grown.

Click here to be taken to their link on Local Harvest.


Dale Johnson said...

Great story! Thankyou for contributing your experiences. I think it is motivating for alot of our readers.

Erin said...

We love Jill and her family's CSA! I've been a member for two years and will be starting our third this upcoming season. They do a fantastic job and we would love to see more folks follow their example.

Jill said...

Hello again from Cricket Song Farm. We are getting ready for another CSA season. We have a blog about the farm and our adventures at http://cricketsongfarm.blogspot.com

Happy Spring!!! JILL