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Friday, November 7, 2008

My friend Dee sent me this postcard from China, and I just love it. She said that the farmers get small areas from the government for farming for 15 years. They make the most of what they are given and it is hard work. Isn't it just beautiful? Thanks for sending it Dee!



Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

That post card reminds me of a photo my daughter sent to me when she was attending San Diego University last year. She visited Yosemite. The colours are so similar. Beautiful picture. I hope you are enjoying your latest addition. I have enjoyed raising my two youngest girls - I had a twelve and a half year gap between my eldest (She's 23 years old) and my next one down who is now eleven. My youngest turns ten in December. You are so clever with all the things you are doing with your back yard. I have twelve acres which I love. I have to do a vegetable garden yet again because the cows ate the last one!!! All the best

AJK said...

This is gorgeous! Thanks for the comments on my blog, yes I'm in Southern California (SoCal as we locals say) Our yards are tiny but the long growing season makes up for it!