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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

How we got started with chickens (Part I)

Besides gardening, chickens have been our (Marisa) first attempt at backyard farming. We learned a lot over the last year and a half of having chickens.

Here is how we got started...

We started with 2 baby chicks that our neighbors gave us. The chicks had been given to their 8 year old son by his uncle, gotta love those uncles! They seem to give our kids and teach our kids everything we don't want. They knew that I had wanted chickens for a while, so after about a week (when the novelty of having chickens wears off of kids), we got the 2 baby chicks. Oh, they were soooooo cute. Along with the deal, we got a little bottomless chicken coop (remember that it is bottomless, it is an important factor later in the story).

Not only did the kids and I love the baby chicks, so did our dog Jada.
Now, remember that part where I told you the chicken coop was bottomless? This is something you will want to remember if you decide to get chickens. Jada, being a playful little dog, well I guess I should say little in maturity yet large in size. Jada believes that anything left in the backyard is a toy, this did not exclude baby chicks. She was able to dig a hold in the grass, scoot the 'bottomless' chicken coop over the hole, the chicks fell in and she was able to get them. My husband and I came home from a night on the town to find a dead baby chick on our back porch. I was devastated!!!

But, I did not give up. There is more to this story.



Jennifer said...

Hey, Marisa! I am SOO excited you're going to detail your chicken experience. I've really wanted to try raising them in our yard, too, but have lots of questions. I'll look forward to when you write more . . .

My friend that reminds me of you (you know, the one with the same blue glasses from Mexica, print of "The Kiss," and who's just as fit, talented and gorgeous), also raises chickens. But she lives in Ivins (by St. George), so the climate is much different.

How do you care for them in the winter? Tell me more about their coop. We are frequently visited by raccoons -- can you just imagine the temptation of a chicken cafe next to the vegetable patch? That's been a major point for me to consider.

Also, did you have to check out any residential zoning issues?

Can't wait to learn more!


P.S. Could I maybe share some of what I've learned about starting seeds indoors when you aren't lucky enough to have a greenhouse?

The Wallins said...

you gotta love the wallins as neighbors...

Sarah said...

ladies, i am so excited about this blog. i do think those fabulous egg pictures should be gracing this blog. i'm just sayin...in your down time. :)

Sarah said...
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marisa said...

The above comment was not censured, it was just a duplicate comment.